Sunday afternoon

It has been awhile already since I took these pictures. I think it was late May or early June, I took my dog out for a walk with my Nikon camera and took some pictures. I remember it was sunny, peaceful Sunday afternoon.. Maybe that’s what I should do tomorrow, take my camera and shoot some photos!!


Nail Shinanigans

I have a huge desk where I study, do my assignments, watch youtube, and do other things. ALSO, I always do my nails on my desk. I always have stash of nail polishes, the removers, and cuticle oil, etc, occupying my desk. And, I thought of why,,,and the answer is I paint my nails while I watch youtube channels!!! haha I get accumulation of nail polishes on one corner of the desk and I usually put everything back where they are supposed to be when I get tired of looking at them. Then, I start brining other colors. Soon, I see whole bunch more accumulated on one corner again..How funny..

As usual, I did paint my nails while watching youtube today, and realized there are three new essie colors that I bought several days ago, two nail polish remover, top coat, base coat, other nail polishes and more polishes in the basket..just too many nail stuff.. Though, I have to say I love when I do my nails. It is very relaxing and makes me calm. Where do you guys paint your nails? 🙂