September Favorite Beauty Products

      Hi, all October..October… Seriously, October.. I just can’t believe it’s October already! I feel like this year is going even faster than last year! As much I love fall,¬† I am kinda scared that time goes so fast because it means I am getting older, and older, and older. I just can’t […]

Recent purchase!

I didn’t realize how much I collected ‘stuff’¬†last month or so..I have accumulated quite a bit of makeup and recently purchased a new handbag… and yes, finally I received it on Tuesday.¬†The bag is from Kate Spade and I am seriously thinking about getting the same bag in another color. This bag is¬†a sale item […]

Natual look with new Naked skin foundation

I am finally done with my summer semester and enjoying my summer! Also, I was off today(from work)¬†so I thought I would share what¬†I am wearing today! Lately I start using produtcs that I haven’t been using for awhile.¬† I haven’t touched my¬†Benetint and high beams for ages and I somehow wanted to use those […]

Lash Extension

So, I had a my lash refill appointment today. If you don’t know what lash extension is I can explain briefly. Basically, a certified¬†or trained person applies a single lash on top of your eash lashes with a special glue or addhesive. It is¬†quite labor¬†intensive; however,¬†well trained person can do a very good¬†job in a […]

Chanel and Flowerbomb

  My new babies! Yes, I damaged my wallet a little bit last weekend but no regrets!!! I am so so glad I finally have Chanel bronzing base in my collection! It is such a versatile item ūüôā Also, flowerbomb was another good purchase for me! It¬†is Nordstrom exclusive anniversary set and it was very […]


WTF! yes, that was the first thing I WANTED to say! gosh, I was upset… I am sure you know what I am talking about. The little logo broke. Literally, it is broken now. I was keep telling myself that it’s okay and it’s just¬†a logo, but heck no. Whenever I look at that bottle, […]