Life in Instagram #2

I know I have not been posting anything lately. I was on a last minute vacation last weekend with my husband and my dog to a beach.  It was our first time taking our little dog with us and I have to say there were just so many things to pack just for her. Though, it was definitely so much fun with our little dog, Chloe. 🙂 We went to a beach but it was not what I expected. I was dreaming beaches in California or in Hawaii which was my fault. It was absolutely cold, windy and last day of our vacation, there was no sunshine all day. Pothetically, I didn’t even get to wear my bikini and played in the swimming pool at the hotel with a bunch of kids. How fun. Anyway, this is my life in Instagram. 🙂


Top left to right: 1. Butter nail polish in Fash Pack. 2. Picture of me. Maybe I was bored. 🙂 3. FOTD with new Naked Skin foundation(so far, not in love,,) 4. On the way to the beach, 1st day of vacation. 5. 2nd day of vacation. Absolutely cold. 6. At least I tried to lay down and get some sun but there was no sunshine whatsoever. 7. Vacation Haul: new polishes from Del Sol. Those changes color in the sun. Absolutely love! 8. New Toms wedge booties! love them so much! 9. Steamed clams! I absoutely killed it by myself! 🙂



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