Lash Extension

So, I had a my lash refill appointment today. If you don’t know what lash extension is I can explain briefly. Basically, a certified or trained person applies a single lash on top of your eash lashes with a special glue or addhesive. It is quite labor intensive; however, well trained person can do a very good job in a short time. The lashes are semi-permanent which means you loose your extensions when your own lashes fall out. Also, you can loose them quickly if you don’t take care of them well. Basically, you are not supposed to rub your eyes and no oil based products on and around the eyes because oil can interact with the glue and it will weaken the addhisive. The lashes can last upto 4-6 weeks depending on how you take care of them. So, in about a month you have to get touch ups!

Anyway, I love love love my lashes. I first got mine in December, 2011 and I’ve been getting refills(touch-ups) every 3-4weeks. It is quite expensive, however, I think it is totally worth it! It saves a lot of time in the morning since I don’t have to do a lot of eye make up. I usually focus on my complexion(I can do my whole makeup in about 5min :). pretty good right??) and special occassions I would wear eye makeup. The first pair(if you get them for very first time) can take up to 2hours depending on who does it and how much experience the person has but the refills are usually about an hour session. The refill for me takes about 45min to an hour. It is very relaxing and most times I fall asleep!! 🙂 I will show you before and after picture!

Before(very wispy and not full)

After(much fuller!)

Can you tell the difference? It might be hard to tell a huge difference in the picture but in real life, you definitely can see the difference!

Anyway, it has been almost 8 months now, and I am kinda thinking about not getting it anymore. I think my skin wants some more attension from me with some loving care! 🙂 Also,  I really miss using all the face masks, oil based products, very rich serums, and etc. I still use but I limit my self since I don’t want my lashes to fall out.. I have to say the lash extensions are very nice. I love it so so much( I would say they are at least three times longer than my own lashes! haha) I highly recommend them if you are interested in getting them! but do you think I should keep them or just let them go? Hard decision here… 🙂


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