NARS Foreplay

NARS Foreplay came out I would say at least about a month ago. ( I might be wrong). I purchased this NARS foreplay in June after noticing at I would say this was, really, no doubt, my impulse buy. I didn’t even think twice to buy this item though I think it was quite pricey.  The only thing in my mind was that I have to get it before it gets sold out. I am still thinking like a kid ;( I coudn’t get my hands on when nars came out with a cheeck palatte last winter( I can’t recall the exact name, but the one with 5blushes and 1 highlighter, maybe 4 blushes, 1highlighter, and 1 bronzer, you know what I am taliking about.. right?) Anyway, I really regretted that I waited too long..I remember it was sold out so fast.. ;( Maybe that’s why I thought I should get it when it is available. When I purchased this item, ttere was hardly no reviews on youtube…

So, enough rambling.. The NARS foreplay is deconstructed form of ‘Orgasm’. NARS orgasm is peachy pink color that a lot of people love, though i am not a huge fan of. Anyway, when I first bought this I didn’t know this was deconstructed orgasm. So I was a little confused about the color theme. However, after receiving an email about this product I was able to understand how this product was made. It has orgasm, matte peach, matte pink and gold shimmery color(the hightlighter). I would say all the colors are beautiful and very pigmented as usual. I especially really like the matte pink and peachy color. I actually like those two colors way more than orgasm. I find that most people already have orgasm and I am not sure why it was necessary to put that in there. I also want to mention that the gold highlight is another awesome color. Just tiny bit goes a long way on you cheecks( I mean as a highlight). Beautiful color, pigmentation and it blends so nicely.

Now, I talked about all the good things about the product, so lets talk about some things that I absolutely don’t like. I normally don’t mind paying a lot if the products is really good and worth the money. Though, in this case, I have to say, why the heck did they charge so much? I think maybe $40 would have been enough. This is $49US and it is the same size as the bronzers. I was expecting it to be alot bigger but I WAS WRONG!!!! gosh. so so tiny. The orgasm is smaller than regular size orgasm and other colors are so tiny that my brushes barely fit in them. I just hate when I can’t fit my brushes well. OCD and neat freak people might not want to get this product. lol.  cause it slightly drove me nuts. I am not a neat freak but I absolutely hate when colors mix when you use the product. If I want to use pink, I just want pink, not the gold or the peachy! Anyhoo,  I had this product for at least a month now and I only used several times when I first got it. Because of all the reasons I mentioned, I find myself not using it enough which kinda still want to return.. The only main reason I am keeping it is because of the matte colors. Otherwise, I would have returned it a long time ago.

I saw this cheeck palette last weekend at Sephora so I think they start carrying it now. But I warn you 🙂 or recommend you that if you are not a hugs fan of Orgasm, don’t bother to get this one unless you have to have it in your collection. I am sure there are so many good matte peachy and pink blushes out there. Also, I highly recommend you to try first before you get it 🙂 Overall, I am about 70% satisfied. I will try hard to use this since I like the colors(except how tiny they are). Let me know if you have this, if you like it or not and what you think about the product!!!

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2 thoughts on “NARS Foreplay

  1. This is such a gorgeous palette. I don’t see myself using it much though, Loving the link though.. I agree, I don’t love Orgasm on me. I use a similar shade from MAC with more peach in it.

    • Thanks for your comment! I know this is such a gorgeous palette but unfortunately, I am not in love with it ;( Thanks again for following me and visiting my blog! 🙂

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