Instagram Life #1


Who doesn’t love instagram right? I think instagram is the best App seriosly. I have been using instagram for a while now and about a month ago I purchased instaframe which allows you to put many pictures at once just likw the above picture. Anyway, here is some of my instagram pictures. If you want to see big picture of above click <here>. I saw viviannadoesmakeup doing this and I thought this was a good idea to share personal life. Hope you enjoy.

New purchase of Flowerbomb, chanel lipsticks and the bronzer, OOTD( black blazer from HM, distressed boyfriend cropped jeans from AE, purse from Zara, Michael Kors watch, shoes you can’t see :), picture on last sunday before I left the house, new nail polishes, vege delight subway sandwich, tinted moisturizer and a lip gloss from Chantecaille my most recent purchase, picture of my hubby, me, and my dog, and whole makeup and skin care for a short visit to my parents’ only for two nights.


3 thoughts on “Instagram Life #1

    • Thanks for visiting and I visited your blog, lovely blog! One thing I hated as I was growing up was writing but now I find quite relaxing.. I think your blog posts are very helpful for me in many ways I am following your blog! thanks for visiting!

      • I’m glad you like my blog 🙂 You seem to have a very talented artistic eye- maybe that’s why you didn’t like writing? I remember reading that the right side of our brain is interested in artistic stuff and visual learning, while our left side is analytical/logical/writing. I bet you could do great at writing and art, I do hope you enjoy my posts, thank you for checking them out 🙂

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