Chanel and Flowerbomb

  My new babies! Yes, I damaged my wallet a little bit last weekend but no regrets!!! I am so so glad I finally have Chanel bronzing base in my collection! It is such a versatile item 🙂 Also, flowerbomb was another good purchase for me! It is Nordstrom exclusive anniversary set and it was very […]


WTF! yes, that was the first thing I WANTED to say! gosh, I was upset… I am sure you know what I am talking about. The little logo broke. Literally, it is broken now. I was keep telling myself that it’s okay and it’s just a logo, but heck no. Whenever I look at that bottle, […]

Sunday afternoon

It has been awhile already since I took these pictures. I think it was late May or early June, I took my dog out for a walk with my Nikon camera and took some pictures. I remember it was sunny, peaceful Sunday afternoon.. Maybe that’s what I should do tomorrow, take my camera and shoot […]